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L&C Live - 2018
Live in Idyllwild, 2018
House Concert 2018

Those Folk are a transpacific folk-music duo. Comprised of husband and wife songwriters, Lawrence & Clare. Hailing from Louisiana (L) & Australia (C), their worlds collided in Scotland in 2012. For now they hang their traveling hats in the mountain town of Idyllwild; one of Southern California’s best kept secrets. This troubadour duo enjoy extensive touring internationally as well as across America in their ex-fire truck come band wagon. Their live shows feature effervescent vocal harmonies performed alongside accordion, mandolin, banjo, guitar and keyboard. Known for their diversity and on stage charisma, Those Folk are an unforgettable act.


"We recently had the pleasure of having Those Folk perform a house concert in our living room in San Diego.  It was one of the most fabulous evenings of music that we've ever been witness to.  Their music was absolutely magical.  We invited neighbors and friends alike, and we all sat mesmerized by the power their music had to move us all absolutely speechless.  Some of my older guests told me they weren't intending to stay for the whole evening, but upon hearing the music, they sat astonished by the soul-stirring genius of Lawrence and Clare.  We hope we can lure them back next year for another evening of sheer magic!"

-Review by Sandra, June 2017

"A small crowd was gathered in the Dowse bar of Iceworks for a relaxed little afternoon gig. After a last minute cancellation, Lawrence & Clare stepped in to fill the Accordion sized hole in the lineup.

Luckily for the few gathered around, these 2 travelling ragtime buskers were more than happy to play a set of piano, guitar, harmonica and accordion tunes to quell the most stressed out hearts. Lawrence & Clare have been all over the world, blasting, tooting, shuffling and strumming their way through styles and cultures that really give them a sense of refinement. They’ve stripped back to the most grassroots elements possible, even recording their debut duo album on reel-to-reel tape machines. It was no surprise then that they even had a song about technology not being in our biology. They’ve got their homemade style of foot-stomping ragtime, bluegrass/soul/blues down to a capitol T so make sure you check them out when they play at a venue (or busking corner) near you!"

-The Sunday Washup,  Australia


"I hosted a house concert featuring Lawrence & Clare in Del Mar, CA. Despite their youth, Lawrence and Clare were exceedingly comfortable in front of an audience, and established a wonderful rapport with everyone in attendance. They are multi-instrumentalists and have an abundance of original material. We did a sing-along that went over really well, too.

Clare has an effervescence that is contagious and her vocal range is extraordinary. She and her husband Lawrence have an easy rapport between them which conveys well to an audience. 

They were self-contained, adaptable and did a quick set-up with amplification suitable to my living room. Many friends called it the 'party of the year,' because of the intimacy established with Lawrence and Clare. I would absolutely give them my highest endorsement."

- Kris, Del Mar CA. 2017