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May 2019:
Last Spring we had the pleasure of performing on
NPR’s ‘American Parlor Songbook’.

Listen to the full episode here: AMERICAN PARLOR SONGBOOK

Song Breakdown within episode:
10:20 Milk & Honey
17:25 Sleep Late
21:20 Changin’ My Ways
0:39:42 Mississippi Moonlight

May 2019:
Throwback to our Claremont/ Mt Baldy Fall 2016 Photo Shoot with Alexis Vaughn of Life in My Lens. Check out this fun highlight reel of our day: Something Calling - Video

February 2018: 
We are enjoying the tail end of winter here in the Southern Californian mountains in our home town of Idyllwild. We recently returned from a few months in Australia, where we had a fantastic time touring and visiting Clare's family. We're hard at work in the pre-production stages of our next full length album. We have a great studio space here that we're putting a lot of work and love into and we look forward to sharing sounds and sights from this space.


July 2017: 
We had such a blast touring throughout May and June! We travelled through Northern California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. Our tour van (ex ambulance aka jambulance) served us so well as our little house on wheels/ band wagon. What a wonderful time we had, performing intimate shows, attending amazing festivals, enjoying the wonder of National Parks and making new friends, fans, songs, stories and memories along the way! These memories are sure to last a lifetime. We returned to Southern California in late June. July has introduced a wonderful new chapter of our lives, whereby our home base and studio HQ is now located in the beautiful mountain retreat town of Idyllwild. Idyllwild is located in the San Jacinto mountain rage, which towers above Palm Springs and is conveniently located 2 hours from Los Angeles and San Diego. This town is renowned for serenity, nature and the arts and is a dream place to retreat to a creative space. We look forward to sharing the art that will unfold in this magical space. 


March 2017:
How the time flies! It's been 2 years since we began calling Southern California our home. The past 2 years of songwriting, collaborating, recording & gigging in the local area have been rather rewarding! We're always dreaming of adventures in different corners of the globe, from Australia to England, to Ireland, to Europe, to Vietnam and everywhere in between. We're spoilt for choice with our geography and find it hard to decide where to reside. Thankfully we have our van now to enjoy the troubadour life in the US and we cannot wait for some travels that are being mapped out for the warmer months coming in this Northern Hemisphere Summer. We're working on being more present and grateful for our current geography... So thanks to the friends, fans and establishments in SoCal for making us feel loved and welcomed recently!

October 2016:
We're watching the Autumn leaves fall here in California and preparing to do much travelling around the United States in the coming months. 
We've purchased a van that we're preparing to travel the country in and are really proud of some new music that we've been working on that we'll be sharing along the way.  
We're excited to connect with likeminded people and are looking forward to sharing songs and stories along the way. 
We are currently seeking performance opportunities, large and small, including house concerts, festival shows, cafe & bar gigs and workshop opportunities. 
We are also excited to be running our own analog recording studio called Mantle Sound which has a Mobile Anolog Recording facet which will be fired up as we travel. 
We love sharing our music with each other and the world around us and feel grateful to live an abundant life together. The way in which music acts as a powerful tool for emotional connectivity and positive change inspires us both very deeply. We feel empowered to work towards making the world a better place, with music as our driving force. 
-Lawrence & Clare