Entertaining, honest, uplifting and loving, Those Folk are Transpacific troubadours, Lawrence Menard & Clare Quinn. 

Taking influence from blues, bluegrass, soul and ragtime, they play not only all sorts of folk music, but music for all sorts of folk. 

The two vagabonds were summoned together on the streets of Scotland, where an inseparable musical union formed. With Lawrence’s cajun beginnings and Californian upbringing melding with Clare’s grounding in Australian folk music, their inspiration is eclectic and ever growing. 

Currently Those Folk are based in Southern California, creating a buzz around local venues. Their analog recording studio is the engine that fuels their constant musical output, including their debut album Pacific Passage. 

They will lift your heart with a brand new sound, nourish your soul and leave you spellbound.


Live Review By John Larney at The Sunday Washup

"A small crowd was gathered in the Dowse bar of Iceworks for a relaxed little afternoon gig. After a last minute cancellation, Those Folk stepped in to fill the Accordion sized hole in the lineup.

Luckily for the few gathered around, these 2 travelling ragtime buskers were more than happy to play a set of piano, guitar, harmonica and accordion tunes to quell the most stressed out hearts. Those Folk, consisting of Lawrence and Clare have been all over the world, blasting, tooting, shuffling and strumming their way through styles and cultures that really give them a sense of refinement. They’ve stripped back to the most grassroots elements possible, even recording their debut duo album on reel-to-reel tape machines. It was no surprise then that they even had a song about technology not being in our biology. They’ve got their homemade style of foot-stomping ragtime, bluegrass/soul/blues down to a capitol T so make sure you check them out when they play at a venue (or busking corner) near you!"


Those Folk create beautiful music, delivered from their hearts to yours through the medium of song.